Meet Mandy

Judy Herman’s Administrative Assistant

Hi, I am Mandy Boerema. . .

Judy’s Administrative Assistant. Actually, I just finished up my student practicum under Judy’s supervision. So now, I’ll be her “right hand” woman in helping her with administrative tasks as her business expands. You may already know that she offers both counseling and coaching.

I’ll be your first point of contact

When exploring whether Judy’s coaching or counseling is right for you, we’ll connect by phone and/or email to make sure you’re taking the next right step.

For now

I just wanted to let you know that I’m changing hats. I won’t be seeing Judy’s clients for my student practicum studies (since I completed those requirements.)

My focus now is coming along side Judy as she makes an even greater impact! Also, I feel SO privileged to have this opportunity to serve you in this capacity as Judy’s Administrative Assistant.

Hours I’m personally available for you

Monday – Friday 9 – 5

Keep in mind that when we connect, it’s as if you’re connecting with Judy. Here’s some things I’ll be doing for you in order for Judy to meet your needs through Counseling or Coaching.

  • Scheduling and helping you find the best time for your appointment
  • Answering your questions
  • Directing you to the right resources
  • Email important items