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I’m finished writing Beyond Messy Relationships: Divine Invitations Toward Your Authentic Self. My clients have inspired me by their courage. So, I’m taking risks through giving you back stories of my authentic journey. You’ll gain insight into yourself and your relationships. The book will be published by Morgan James in 2019. Although, when you sign up, you’ll get access to free previews and resources.

Here’s the synopsis.

Beyond Messy Relationships mixes psychological wisdom and spiritual inspiration along with stories of Judy’s authentic journey. Through awakenings and role changes, her long-term first marriage suffers from chronic bitterness and toxic patterns. Bearing financial and spiritual responsibility of her four children, she earns her counseling degrees and begins private practice. Facing abandonment, rejection, and post-divorce messes, she discovers unconventional divine invitations through dance. She eventually marries her best friend and dance partner and learns to flow to the rhythm of life. Until she misses the signs. . . 

Can they recover from the damage caused by his psychosis?

  • Resonate with the struggles of a licensed professional counselor’s relationships
  • Learn a simple formula for growth. AIR: Awareness, Intentionality, Risks
  • Recognize relationship dances (patterns) developed from family of origin
  • Become shame resilient for their authentic journey, and
  • Discover their true selves and find hope beyond their messy relationships

Coming in 2019


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