Counseling Services for Couples in Conflict

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Services in Tennessee & Georgia


    1. Includes a full mental health and relationship assessment.
    2. I help couples change the power/control patterns in their relationship.
    3. Issues may include transitions, blended family concerns, recovering from betrayal, communication break-down, and contrasted values.

What you need to know

In the United States, counseling is regulated within each state’s jurisdiction. In other words, a counselor provides services within the state(s) they are licensed.

Since I am licensed in Georgia and Tennessee, I provide counseling services only within these two states. My services as a licensed counselor and mental health provider is to treat your mental and emotional wellness.

Whether I’m seeing you as a couple or an individual, therapy can include a billable diagnosis which may qualify for medical insurance benefits. This does require focus on treating your mental health issues as it affects your life and relationships.

Know the distinction between marriage counseling and individual counseling.

  • Marriage Counseling (also referred to as Couples Therapy) – focuses on the health and well-being of the relationship.
  • Individual Counseling – focuses on the health and well-being of the individual.

Do I need couples or individual?

Your mental, emotional, and physical health matters. It’s common to assume you need either couples or individual therapy. This list includes items to consider.

  • Choose individual if:
    • You feel overpowered by your spouse when in front of a therapist.
    • Your spouse is resistant to counseling.
    • Your spouse has a serious mental illness or addiction.
    • Either you or your spouse are secretly having an affair.
    • There is no trust in the relationship.
    • You experience your spouse as deceptive.
    • Your spouse believes that you are the problem and needs to be fixed.
  • Choose Couples if:
    • You can be open and honest in your spouses’ presence.
    • Your spouse is cooperative and wants help.
    • You both are willing to be curious about how you’re co-creating what you have.
    • You feel emotionally safe.

Your situation & uniqueness deserve customized attention. Move forward with confidence in the type of service you need. Both virtual or outdoor sessions are available.