Couples Counseling

You’re doing the next right thing to explore couples counseling. Here’s common reasons couples come in for counseling.
  • They don’t feel heard and understood by the other.
  • They keep arguing about the same issues.
  • One believes, “It’s not that bad.” And the other believes it is.
  • They question the value of their relationship.
  • When things are good, they’re great. When things are bad, they’re  really bad.

You may be going through transitions like these:

  • You’re about to get married.
  • You’re facing a major shift – career change, move, new baby,  grandchild, or empty nest.
  • An affair was discovered or you’re vulnerable for one.
  • Your spouse doesn’t want to be married anymore.

Couples’ Assessment

If your situation is intense and complicated, you may want to consider the couples’ assessment. It saves time and energy even before an initial appointment. Like getting blood work results before a doctor appointment, it will give me a good baseline to where both of you are now. But you’ll need to let me know since there is a fee to sign up.
It’s best that you both come in together if you’d like the free 20 minute consultation. Or, you may want to schedule your first 90 minute session with or without an additional assessment.

Counseling Agreement

Either way, I can email you The Counseling Agreement so you’ll be fully informed before our first meeting.
For now, look to the upper right. You’ll find your next right step.