Starter Package $997 

For first-timers who are brand new to counseling with Judy. Or you may be a seasoned client from another therapist. This Starter Package is your first step. This is not for those in need of urgent care.

It’s ideal for couples who are:  

  • Stuck in negative patterns
  • Facing life obstacles
  • Feel emotionally distant
  • Experiencing poor communication

*this package can be adapted for individuals if couples is not appropriate

What you get: 

  • Professional Relationship Assessment – you’ll get insights into target areas of focus to address relationship needs. You’ll also be exposed to attitudes and/or underlying issues that interfere with healthy relationship patterns.
  • Clarity on your next steps – rather than uncertainty, you’ll develop confidence in the direction of help you need.
  • Your Unique Relationship Vision – you’ll discover your core values and learn the “growth/resilience” dance. (patterns)
  • Speaker-Listener Dialogue Skills – in order to feel heard and understood by each other

How you get it: 

  • Five hours of  Virtual (or outdoor) sessions in any combination from 90, 60, 30 or 15 minute increments.
  • Relationship Assessment login
  • Interpretation of Assessment
  • Build Trust in Communication Video Teaching
  • Beyond Messy Relationships Book Bundle –
  • Couples guided meditation
  • 3-month access to live virtual Master Classes (held twice a month) and live Q & A Zoom Office hours (held weekly)