Take advantage of these free resources.

These free resources are not a substitute for counseling, but they may be a start. These resources will help you determine if my counseling and consulting are a good fit for what you need.

Relationship E-booklet

See how you’re really doing in your relationship by reading my e-book, Relationship Dignity Manifesto. Begin the journey toward healthy relationship patterns. Using the formula AIRAwareness, Intentionality, and Risk, recognize the real issues. Calm reactions and be empowered for health, well-being, and change.

10 Days to Build Trust In Communication

Sign up for 10 Days To Build Trust In Communication. You’ll receive 10 practical techniques to use right away. As a follow-up, you can look forward to daily emails to encourage you with results. You have what it takes to build trust and change your relationships.

20 Minute Free Consultation

Don’t forget to follow up with a free 20 minute consultation in my office or through webcam. This is the best way to check out my services. It’s not a counseling session. It’s a time to meet and ask questions about me and my services.

Stress Quiz

Check how you’re doing with your stress levels in less than a minute by taking the stress quiz. Make sure you follow up with your free 20 minute consultation.

I can’t wait to meet you through all or any of these resources. In addition, feel free to email me (judy@judycounselor.com) with suggestions for what you want addressed through my blog posts.