About Judy Herman

Hi, I’m Judy Herman!

I’m a relationship therapist. However, think of me as a soul cheerleader for individuals and couples.

From my own relationship and personal journey I’ve learned it takes a lot of work to emerge into your true self. It’s a continual process as well as a challenge to balance our individual needs while in relationship with others.

Like ballroom dancing, couples learn to change their relationship style. Whether its fine-tuning the dance steps or changing the music, they begin to flow to the rhythm of life together. It takes lots of practice.

What I’m working on now

I’m working with my structural editor for my polished manuscript, Beyond Messy Marriages: Divine invitations toward your authentic self. This memoir/self-help book is for women who’ve struggled in their marriages and question their purpose and sense of self. I share from stories of toxic patterns and traumas, to healing and adventures. This is about my marital journey to becoming a relationship therapist. But it’s really about all of us as we become aware and recognize the value of our messes as opportunities for transformation. We can’t do it any other way. It requires knowing ourselves and God through relationships with others. I use the analogy of breathing in fresh AIR which stands for Awareness, Intentionality, and Risks.

During this season

Given that, I’m putting other activities aside until the book is complete. For this season, I’m trying to find balance between staying connected through social media and the awesome organizations I’ve been involved in. My challenge is to connect regularly with those on my email list to share valuable relationship insights. I’m putting aside the weekly live Facebook videos until later. I’m learning to say “no” to good opportunities that come my way so I can say “yes” to writing. I value my membership with Chattanooga Women’s Leadership Institute (CWLI) where I serve on the Leadership Studies Committee, and will seek to remain as engaged as possible.

Inspired by Ken Davis, I’m putting preparations in place having recently attended Scorre One-Day Workshop for speaker’s training. I’ll be adding a speaker’s page to the media tab in case you’re interested in my speaking for your event.

Since participating in an MBSR program(Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) through Center for Mindful Living, I have a daily practice of meditation. It helps me be more present with my clients and I highly recommend anyone in leadership to consider the benefits.

What I do for fun

My husband and I believe having fun together means connection with each other. We met through ballroom dancing! Yes, we really did. It’s a perfect analogy for relationship patterns, but we really do enjoy it as a hobby. Our favorites are Viennese Waltz and Swing!

I’m energized by backyard adventures with my four young grandchildren. Hubby and I enjoy the outdoors – camping, canoeing, hiking, and bike-riding.  Water aerobics and swimming are my summer exercise programs.


Considering each person I encounter as a divine appointment with depth of soul is my goal. I am a Christ follower and nurture my relationship with God through my church involvement, study and reflection of Scripture, and periodic soul care retreats. I honor differences with openness. My focus is relationships and living intentionally.