Focus Group

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Need to improve your relationships, create balance, & accomplish your goals. . . without wearing yourself out?

Learn how to work smarter, not harder with the guidance and camaraderie of like-minded women.

Professional women’s focus group brings back the energy and alignment you need for clarity and accomplishment. You’ll get benefits of community support in a positive environment. Become confident with the security of being heard, validated and understood.

Accomplish your most important goals in 90 days. You’ll gain wisdom, and accelerated growth with those who care. Professional Women’s Group is a mastermind and accountability group.

Professional Women’s Focus Group

Gain accountability and support through two hour meetings every two weeks. (Total of six mastermind group sessions.)

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In this group you will:

Identify your most important goals

Create an action plan with both lag and lead measures

Focus on achieving what matters most in the next 90 days

Be accountable through encouragement from like-minded women

Gain momentum and celebrate accomplishments

You should participate if you:

Have mastered what you’re currently doing, and are ready for the next level of growth

Struggle with doing too much at the expense of your well-being

Want to move beyond current patterns that make you feel stuck

Have tried doing it on your own without progress

Need clarity and focus to be your best self

After a 90-day module you can expect to: 

Establish and continue a daily discipline of keeping a five-minute gratitude journal

Get more done in 12 weeks than others do in 12 months

Improve your mental, emotional, and relationship well-being


Local Group and online groups meet every other week for 90 days. (Total of six sessions)

On-line Group: times TBA

Details About Professional Women’s Group

FORMAT: Guided meditation, Group Dialogue, “Spot-light” participation, In-between readings

MATERIALS: Five Minute Journal and Best Year Ever

GROUP SIZE: Women only. Limited to six applicants

WHERE: Local Group – 400 E. Main St. Suite 140E, Chattanooga, TN 37408

MORE DETAILS: This is not a therapy group. Beyond commitment to the group, pre-requisites include certain levels of self-awareness and ability to recognize strengths in self and others.


Learn how to do “communologue,”a skill similar to dialogue which honors differences. Allow others to be mirrors to your soul. Be wiling to contribute insights. Learn how to be mindful of group interactions, pay attention to your own reactions, and become more focused and clear.


* FEE: $547

* This is a pilot group with fees likely to increase in the future.

What to do next:

Ask for a free consultation to see if this group is a good fit for you.