Project Package $1297 

For couples or individuals who are ready to commit and begin significant changes. They are determined to have better relationships and a better life.

Common issues include: 

  • Indecision, uncertainty, or worry
  • Stuck in guilt, grief or regret
  • Fear of going backwards
  • Tired of tolerance

What you get: 

  • “How-To” techniques for healthy relationship boundaries
  • Enhanced communication skills to increase empathic connection
  • Methods for navigating experiences when relationship become confusing
  • Practical insights that bring confidence & peace

How you get it: 

  • Six hours total of individual or couples sessions with a combination of time frames depending on need, desire, and most effectiveness.
    • 4 ninety-minute outdoor or virtual sessions, or
    • 6 sixty-minute virtual sessions, or
    • 12 thirty-minute virtual sessions, or 
    • 24 fifteen-minute virtual sessions
  • Road Map for your particular situation and needs
  • Resources, handouts, tools for practical application