Strife Reduction Package – $1497

For couples in crisis. One or both are experiencing major tension to the point of feeling emotionally unsafe. The dysfunction has progressively become more severe with concerns of rejection, separation, or divorce. Issues include: 

  • Silent treatment 
  • Betrayal
  • Secrecy 
  • Feeling like an outsider
  • Walking on eggshells 
  • Fear of rejection, divorce, or separation

What you get: 

  • Thorough Mental Health and Relationship Assessment
  • Perspective about your situation
  • Reality check
  • Knowledge about your next right steps
  • Emotional safety plan
  • Hope for empowerment and change

How you get it:  

  • Six hours of Virtual (or outdoor) sessions in any combination from 90, 60, 30 or 15 minute increments
  • Assessment
  • Action plan to stabilize the relationship
  • Tools, Tips & Techniques to calm the nervous system
  • Guided Meditations
  • Guidelines for fair “fighting” 
  • Emotional safety plan
  • Beyond Messy Relationships Book Bundle