You’ll learn ways to:

  • RECOVER from conflict
  • RECONNECT with your values
  • RENEW your true self

This fee-for-service webinar covers ways to experience peace and well-being through conflicting relationships.

IMPORTANT: This psycho-educational webinar is NOT a substitute for professional counseling services. Instead, it’s a lower level of support and will NOT include participant personal disclosure. Rather, general questions and comments are instructional to benefit all.

Ask yourself. . .

  • Do you need confidence in your relationship?
  • Do you long to feel understood?
  • Do you want to have light-hearted and “responsible” fun?

Instead you. . .

  • Feel confused?
  • Feel like the worst version of yourself?
  • Feel depressed and stuck?
Build Trust

This breakthrough webinar will show you how to bust through the “crazy cycle” in your difficult relationships. Whether it’s your spouse, your in-laws, your ex, or adult children, you’ll begin to clarify your true self.

Who? This webinar is directed toward individuals who are married or in a long-term committed relationship. Also, you can apply techniques to other relationships.

What? These 75 minutes are packed with practical tools to help you get clarity; especially when it seems the foundation of your relationship is shaky. Learn from the personal and professional experiences of Judy Herman, author of “Beyond Messy Relationships” which is a global award finalist.

We’ll cover these questions and more:

* How can I care for myself when I’m too busy caring for others?

* What’s the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships?

* What is emotional abuse?

* Am I supposed to forgive and forget?

* How can I keep from walking around on eggshells?

* What if my partner has a mental illness?

* How can I know exactly what to say when conflict begins?

* How do I know if my relationship is normal?

* What can I do to “de-escalate” myself and be in an emotionally safe space?

* What are healthy relationship boundaries?

… and much, MUCH More!