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Individual Precision Session

This 90-minute precision-focused session is a full and thorough assessment for ambitious women in helping professions to navigate and eliminate relationship stress.

Examples of feelings or experiences include:

  • Being misinterpreted
  • Holding back for fear of response
  • Overthinking or worry about the egos of others
  • Not free to express true self

Here’s your next steps:

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  • You’ll get an email with the scheduling link right away

  • Or, call me directly at (423) 556-8791

What you get: 

  • Professional Relationship Assessment – you’ll get focused insights that pertain to your unique journey and needs.
  • Clarity on your next steps – rather than uncertainty, you’ll have confidence in the type of support you need that will be the most effective for your particular situation.
  • Strategic plan for navigating and eliminating relationship stress.

Here’s what this looks like:

  • You will create your online registration.
  • You will fill out a biographical form inside your client portal.
  • You’ll read through the Counseling/Coaching Agreement and sign electronically in your client portal.
  • We’ll set up your appointment that is best for your schedule.

After your session you’ll receive:

  • A “post-session” processing form
  • Notes from me in your client portal.
  • Follow-up resources to support what we addressed in session.
  • Follow-up phone call within a few days of your appointment

“Judy has given me tools to help me experience an authentic life and freedom to be myself.”

“Some of the lessons I learned while working with Judy still stick with me today, many years later. Would highly recommend her services.”

“Judy has helped me work through issues while maintaining my mental health and helping me find the positive and peace.”

“Judy helped our communication and we learned how to better resolve our conflicts. She helped us see things differently. There’s more than that but even now applying what we learned has been so beneficial.”