Judy Herman Professional Bio

Judy Herman works with mental health professionals and relationship experts who are purposeful about their calling to bring healing to others. She also counsels those in leadership including entrepreneurs, clergy, and business owners. She is a counselor, speaker, and author of Beyond Messy Relationships: Divine Invitations To Your Authentic Self.  In addition, her credentials include:

Also, Judy Herman has trained with world-renowned marriage and relationship experts including:

In addition, Judy Herman writes articles and provides video teachings that address mental health, marriage, faith, and relationship well-being. She also facilitates group retreats and speaks at universities, churches, non-profit, and civic organizations.

For fun, Judy enjoys camping, hiking, canoeing, and bike-riding. At this stage, it’s backyard adventures with the young grandchildren who energize her when she’s not writing, speaking or counseling.

From Judy Herman. . .

What I’m excited about. . .

The audio version of my new book Beyond Messy Relationships: Divine Invitations To Your Authentic Self is now out in the world as of November 2020. This memoir/relationship book is for soul-searching therapists who are energetic and purposeful in their calling to  bring healing to their clients.

It has been an honor to partner with Heidi Hansing, professional narrator who made the story come alive as she read the memoir portion. You’ll hear my therapist voice in  the prologue, epilogue and everything in-between.

Entrusting the audio version of my stories, of toxic patterns and traumas to healing and adventures, is an amazing journey. Because this is not just my journey of becoming a relationship therapist. But it’s really about all of us as we become aware and recognize the value of our messes as opportunities for transformation.

It’s been amazing to have this finished project out in the world, especially at such a time as this. So while we all wait for the pandemic to end, let’s take in my own formula of breathing in fresh AIR. Of course this stands for Awareness, Intentionality, and Risks.

During this season. . .

As we adjust through the COVID-19 pandemic, I realize that many of us have had huge shifts in our personal and professional lives. I’m intentional to surround myself with positive people and the help I need. As for now, my challenge is to connect regularly with those on my email list to share valuable relationship insights.

Here’s soul nurturing and professional groups I’m part of:

As a result of participating in an MBSR program(Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) through Center for Mindful Living, I have a daily practice of meditation. It helps me be more present with myself and others. In addition, I highly recommend anyone in leadership to consider the benefits.

What I do for fun. . .

I believe having fun means connection with those we trust and do life with, whether it’s with family or friends. My learning to dance has been a perfect analogy for relationship patterns.

Of course, the pandemic has been limiting for all of us socially. But I’m getting to know my neighbors and living in the simple pleasures of walks in the neighborhood.

Actually, I’m energized by backyard adventures with my five young grandchildren. Anything outdoors are moments that fill my soul and make me feel like a brand new woman! Hobbies include camping, canoeing, hiking, and bike-riding. Water aerobics and swimming are my summer exercise programs.

Spiritually-speaking. . .

For years I’ve considered each person I encounter as a divine appointment with depth of soul. As a Christ follower, it’s important to nurture my relationship with God. And I do that  gathering with others, study and reflection of Scripture along with periodic soul care retreats.

Also, I want you to know that I honor differences with openness. That is to say, I’m comfortable with those of other faiths or no faith. Honoring our common humanity is foundational. To clarify, my focus is relationships and living intentionally.