Ever since childhood, relationships have sparked curiosity.  

As the second born of four children in my family,

there were multiples of four in past generations. Mom was one of four. Grandmother was one of four. I birthed four children. Then the pattern was broken when a fifth grandchild was born!

Being a psychotherapist specializing in relationships is a second career.

The first was raising four remarkable humans in a challenging marriage that lasted three decades.

With husband #2, we were “Mimi & Papi Joe” to the grandchildren who loved to visit and swing on the tire swing.

His mental illness was more severe than ever imagined.

He was responsible to take his medications and keep his appointments. He even facilitated bipolar support groups.

Then his break with reality was the catalyst for me to write “Beyond Messy Relationships.” As he recovered and became my biggest cheerleader in writing, we all celebrated the book’s release in 2019.

Just when we planned a better future, it happened again. We had spent Mother’s Day of 2020 together. That evening he sat me down and said, “Judy, I need to go to the hospital.”

He left and never came back in his right mind.

Divorce was inevitable.

For years I feared becoming a widow or a “twice divorced” relationship therapist. But now the terms have changed.

My entire life and career has been invested in figuring out relationships. Every trauma has become an awakening and tuning into a higher calling. Hearing the inside struggles of clients have reinforced the reality that none of us are alone.

The “divine invitations” included two successful marriages. Yes, they both came to what I now call “natural completions.” It was a miracle that the second marriage lasted as long as it did with the severity of illness it endured.

The former husbands are not “Xs.” They deserve dignity and honor. After all, one marriage birthed four (now grown adults) who have become remarkable parents themselves. The other birthed a book that’s had greater impact than ever imagined.

It took two husbands and 40 years of marital experiences for the courage to live this beautiful and vibrantly authentic life. It’s appropriate to be an “uncoupled” woman who is so much more than a “former” wife, mother, or couples’ therapist.  

We are more than our roles in life or initials behind our names. We all are deeply loved, valued, and worthy of respect. 

That’s why relationships still spark curiosity!

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