Fees for counseling sessions are not inexpensive and here’s why

Your life and your relationships are valuable. The time, energy, and effort you put into your mental, emotional, and relationship well-being is worth it.

How many of us don’t think twice about spending $2,000 or more fixing our cars? We spend money on home maintenance or remodeling, yet we question the value of investing in our own lives! How much more valuable are you than your own car! Investing in your life matters. Click To Tweet

The money you spend to improve your life and marriage leaves a legacy of restored relationships for years to come. Family patterns from previous generations have powerful influences we’re not aware of.  With counseling you have the privilege of making positive changes through insights toward transformation. In other words, your wisdom will influence those with you and beyond you. 

Fees for Services

  • Full 60 minute session – $130
  • Couples 90 minute session – $180
  • 30 minute booster sessions – 70.00
  • Pre-paid fees – $1550*
    • Eleven 90-minute sessions (about 21% savings)
    • 15 hour-long sessions (about 20% savings)
    • 28 half-hour sessions (about 22% savings)

*Use cash or check with pre-paid services to avoid service fees using debit or credit cards. Advantages of pre-paid session offer up to 21% discounts. Also, it helps couples and individuals follow-through with life-changing progress toward well-being.

Pre-paid fees for discounts

Although I don’t offer sliding scale fees, I do offer discounted fees for a few reasons.

  1. Whether we’re shopping for bargains or paying for services, most of us appreciate getting a good deal.  Up to 22% can be saved toward counseling services.
  2. When feeling better after a session or two, you may be tempted to quit counseling too soon. We’re talking about the difference between symptom relief and foundational changes.
  3. After a series of concentrated sessions, it’s always good to have periodic check ins at certain intervals: two months, four months, six months, etc. Think of counseling check-ups as you would your six-month dental cleanings. Payment in advance helps with follow-through.

Payment of fees

Fees can be paid through Health Savings Accounts or Flexible Spending Plans as well as cash or check.

You’re welcome to file for insurance benefits directly since I’m an out-of-network provider for all insurance companies. Although the upfront cost is more, clients benefit in several ways by services that are out of network.

  • It protects your privacy. When using “in-network” services, therapists may receive a call from your insurance company about your case. The therapist is subject to answering questions about you. The insurance psychologist or case manager’s job is to clarify why you need more sessions, or why a certain diagnostic code was used. In-network therapists work for the insurance company. They have contracted directly with them and agreed to lower fees that the insurance company considers “usual and customary.”
  • When using out-of-network services, you receive therapy based on your best interests, not the insurance company’s. Your time is not limited by what others dictate. Insurance bills on a 45-50 minute session. In contrast, my clients choose a full 60 minutes, 90 minutes (usually for couples work) or 30 minute sessions. In all cases, my clients have the liberty to tailor-fit what’s best for their needs.

Let’s talk further about what you need. Ask for a free 20 minute consultation in my office.

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