The story behind my India Trip in April of 2023

How this divine invitation is becoming the plan

All of my life, I’ve had the desire to travel internationally.

My limited travel experiences as a young adult began when I was a junior in college. I lived in Belgium for the summer as a short-term missionary.

Back then, I anticipated that I wouldn’t have other opportunities because of my chosen path. (Which I now realize is limited thinking.) I married at 22 and had four babies whom I homeschooled in their early elementary years. But I did go back to Belgium as a chaperone to accompany my adolescent son and his youth group. That was back in 2005.

Fast forward to now. I no longer have the responsibilities of caring for family members. Nor for holding back the bigger life I was meant to live. The desire remains. That’s a big reason I chose to be part of Legendary. The high-end coaching program that included travel.

In 2021, I experienced Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. I added a Dream Retreat in the mix and joined Kathy & Mark Szabo for an excursion in St. Croix.

When five in our group decided to join Cowboy Steve in a horseback riding excursion, I  experienced what would be come an icon of my vibrantly authentic life. I rode on a horse named Gingi into the Caribbean Sea and stood on her back! Even though I was a beginner horse-rider, I did tell Cowboy Steve that I used to be a cheerleader!

India Trip in 2023

So now I’m thrilled to participate in a growth trip to India. I’ll be with my Legendary group for the tour since there’s been amazing relationships developed over our times of learning and growing together.

And since developing my professional speaking business, I have opportunity to minister to pastors and their congregations in India. Since their funds are limited and I sense the flow of this “divine invitation,” I want to give you opportunity to partner with me.

Here’s ways you can help support my mission trip:

I’d love for you to join me in prayer and spirit. In the meantime, I’ll keep this page updated.