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Embracing Change for Lasting Connection

EPISODE 015 ~ Married for 32 years, Christopher and Shelly Chamberlin were college sweethearts! They are owners/operators of Chamberlin Real Estate and LionHeart Transformative Coaching. When they are not busy facilitating transformative breakthroughs or brokering real estate dreams, they enjoy world travel and outdoor adventures through the four seasons of Colorado and the Rocky Mountains. Christopher and Shelly parented two sons, (now adults). They have one grandson and a miniature dachshund named Cooper. Both are lifelong students of mindset and transformation in pursuit of the highest levels of experience, growth, and contribution.

Listen to this insightful episode of Better Relationships, Better Life, where Chris and Shelly unpack ways they are Embracing Change for Lasting Connection:

Here is what to expect on this week’s show:
•How going back to your core values can ground you together when experiencing times of drifting apart.
•The value of expanding and attracting growth in yourself and in your spouse.
•Accepting each other’s differences while learning to adapt to changes
•Why it’s important to ask each other why are we married? Acknowledging that you have choices can reinforce your commitment to each other.

Connect with Chris and Shelly:
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ChamberlinRealEstate/
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/chamberlinrealestate/

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