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Breaking Free from Secrecy & Shame, Part 1: Pornography, Addiction, & Marriage

EPISODE 022 ~ Kirsten D Samuel, professional writer, was at a loss for words when her husband, Dave Samuel, audio production specialist, confessed his addiction to pornography. The months ahead revealed the bottom was deeper still as she was diagnosed with clinical depression and PTSD. After 14 years, Kirsten now serves wives wounded by pornography. She lives each day with her recovered husband as they choose authenticity, love, faith, fun, and forgiveness. Kirsten and Dave openly speak about the millions addicted to porn and God’s redeeming grace. Dave and Kirsten have been married 40 years with three grown children and twelve grandchildren.

Here is what to expect on this week’s show:
A deeper look into a marriage torn by pornography addiction.
The shame of being found out in the workplace and myths about secret recovery.
How childhood violation and early exposure to pornography affects adulthood.
What one couple’s healing journey was like.
The effects of including adult children in the healing process.

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