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According to the American Psychological Association, 39% of workers report that their work environment has had a negative impact on their mental health.

Through my years of clinical mental health and relationship counseling I’ve helped leaders create connection beyond conflict. As a result, I developed a proven proprietary methodology which includes a simple and profound formula for building emotionally healthy work cultures.

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Endorses Judy’s speaking at her live B.L.A.S.T program.

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Vibrantly Authentic Leadership Beyond Messy Relationships

This psycho-educational multi-media presentation includes lecture, guided meditation, role-play and short video clips. Participants gain skills from Judy’s formula for wisdom and insight. By calming the nervous system through deep breaths of A.I.R. you become attuned to the acronym. Awareness, Intentionality, and Risks of growth.

Judy shows us what vibrant authenticity looks like beyond her own messy relationships. As a psychotherapist to high-level executives, she normalizes the struggle of our human journey.