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Secrets to an Unstoppable Business & Marriage

EPISODE 042  ~ Kyle and Ariel Tresch are husband-and-wife digital marketing consultants, who have built a thriving relationship AND many thriving businesses together. After helping companies scale their teams & revenue by tens of millions of dollars, the happy couple suddenly found themselves in a dark place — as the everyday stresses of business began to take a toll on their relationship.

Kyle and Ariel chose to fight for their marriage. In doing so, they pioneered a brand new approach to doing life and business in a way that has allowed their relationship to flourish and their businesses to skyrocket. Today – they are founders of a coaching company called Couplepreneurs™ where Kyle & Ariel equip other entrepreneur couples with the proven strategies they need to rapidly scale businesses to 7 figures or more (while going on more date nights than ever before).

Here is what to expect on this week’s show:
•How to combine business and marriage into a unified purpose that creates a flowing partnership.
•Growing through tension, friction, and conflict can show us the need to bust through old beliefs.
•The value of re-examining traditional marital roles in order to synchronize as a couple in business & life.
•Respecting each other’s giftedness for partnership and unified purpose.
•The necessity of identifying faith, clarity, and hierarchy of values

Connect with Kyle & Ariel
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/couplepreneurscommunity
Instagram: https://instagram.com/couplepreneurs_official

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