At the announcement of my fourth grandbaby’s presence in the womb, I felt more than overjoyed! We experienced an immediate connection through motherhood among the four generations of women that day. We welcomed the motherhood club, motherhood generations, and motherhood multiplying.

Motherhood Club 

My mom, my daughters and newly pregnant daughter in law, and I shared a common denominator –  Motherhood.

It was the beginning of a new motherhood club that day. Beyond the hugs and tears of the initial news, I noticed a divine and special gift. The energy of being in the motherhood club bonded us in unique ways.

The excitement was contagious.

  • With thoughts of childrearing pasts – from mine and mom’s perspectives
  • Thoughts of childrearing present – from my daughter’s perspectives
  • Thoughts of childrearing future – from my daughter in law’s perspective

We held a special privilege of life experiences that no one else gets, other than mothers.

Motherhood Generations 

Although my grandmother lived to be 99 years old, and wasn’t able to be with us that day, I felt more connected to her. Those moments made me aware of the remarkable women in my life who have shaped me. I noticed the legacy of love I’ve received. I watched the innocence of my small grandchildren. Five generations of mother love touched all of us that day.

Motherhood Multiplying 

The first time I felt similar was the day I birthed my second born. I didn’t know I was capable of so much love. The love poured out of me that took nothing away from the overwhelming love I had for my first born. Much has multiplied since that time. Having birthed four children, and now loving four grandchildren, the love keeps multiplying. It never gets subtracted anywhere else! It’s God’s divine love flowing in human form.

Motherhood is one way God's love flows through our humanity. Click To Tweet

Reflect on God’s love flowing through you on this Mothers day.

  • What transcendent moments have you experienced?
  • How have the remarkable women in your life shaped you?
  • What ways will you continue to give the legacy of love?

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