Some of us experience Mother’s Day Dread. For example, I know what it’s like to avoid my own heart longings. For most of us, it’s easier to be “busy” than to be still. Yet, the pain of broken mother child connections become masked smiles in public places. And it’s especially difficult around events such as Mothers Day. Not everyone is ready to let go of avoiding the painful places in our lives. But when we are, there are divine invitations toward your authentic self.

Divine Invitation to a Transcendent Moment

The first time I poured out uncontrollable tears in a public place was at a pro-life ceremony. I placed my little white rose along with hundreds of other roses. We did so to honor the dignity of babies whose lives were taken by abortion. As a result, that divine invitation to a transcendent moment was a major shift for me.

As we anticipate the beauty of motherhood next Sunday, let’s also be compassionate toward those who grieve. For example:

  • Mothers whose child had died through accident, suicide, or murder
  • Mothers who lost their babies through abortion, miscarriage, still birth, or sudden infant death
  • Mothers who experience rejection, unforgiveness, and estrangement from adult children
  • Mothers whose child has an addiction, or whose children are torn from divorce
  • Daughters whose mothers have passed on leaving a void no one else can fill
  • Grandmothers who aren’t allowed relationship with grandchildren

Divine Invitation for Transformation

Since that day several years ago, I’m amazed at God’s continual transformation in my life. Subsequently, there have been many other fears along the way. As with us all, we need to face our fears when they show up. It’s possible consider each one a divine invitation for transformation.

If we allow it, God makes it safe to face our heartaches. When we do, our hearts can be full of joy and thankfulness.

Divine Invitation for Your True Healing

Here are resources you’ll want to know about.

Rachel’s Vineyard,

Ramah International,

Deeper Still,

Save One.

Perhaps your first step is to explore these links.

For now, may you notice your own soul longings. Give yourself permission to cry when you need to. When you’re ready, you can count every emotional trigger as an invitation from the Holy Spirit. Our emotions are temporary messengers to our souls to tell us we are deeply loved.

Allow the truth of these words to connect with us all.

“Can a mother forget the baby at her breast
    and have no compassion on the child she has borne?
Though she may forget,
    I will not forget you!
See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands;
    your walls are ever before me. (Isaiah 49:15,16)

Your Next Step:

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