Sound like a pro, even if you haven’t read the book yet

  1. In 60 seconds, what is “Beyond Messy Relationships” about?
  2. What drove you to write the book?
  3. Aren’t therapist NOT supposed to disclose their personal lives? And you’ve done it in your book? Why would you take such a huge risk?
  4. The themes in your book address divorce, post-divorce, single
    parenting, toxic relationship patterns, Christianity, spirituality, bipolar disorder, ADHD and psychosis. Do you think the average person will resonate with such drama?
  5. Clearly, you’re a Christian writer. And your faith journey evolves. Will those of other faiths be drawn to your book? If so, why?
  6. Tell us what you want your readers to get from reading “Beyond Messy Relationships?”
  7. I was fascinated by your formula for getting beyond messy relationships. It seems so simple, yet so profound. Can you tell us more about breathing in fresh AIR?
  8. Tell us about why you chose the metaphor of dancing to describe relationships? And why does it matter?
  9. What are 3 of the 8 dances you mention in your book?
  10. Is there a way to assess what our dances are? Or how stressed our relationships are?
  11. Who will benefit the most from reading your book?
  12. The founders of Imago Therapy (whom all therapists and many couples know from being guests on Oprah and writing several best-sellers) said that your book is different than what most therapists write. They say you’re a client in your own book. Wow, how difficult was that for you?
  13. How did you manage to combine psychological wisdom and spiritual insights with your memoir?
  14. I love this quote on page 114 “We must pay attention to our gut. Our emotions are valuable. They are temporary messengers to our souls.” Can you tell us more about that?
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