Coaching Services for Entrepreneurial Couples in Transition

For those looking for a way to do life together with resilience, growth and flow.

You might be here because. . .

  • Previous marriage counseling was helpful.
  • You don’t have mental health or recovery issues.
  • You just feel like roommates instead of spouses.
  • You’re in transition with family and life experiences.

But you do need some kind of help because. . .

  • You feel exhausted and disconnected in your marriage.
  • You need a better way to communicate.
  • Change needs to happen before things get worse.
  • You need to “draw a line in the sand.”

You need change in your relationship

Life happens. Seasons change. Kids grow up and leave the nest. Attempts at communication easily goes sideways. You experience emotional pain. Things improve for a while. But they go back to the same patterns and you end up co-creating more pain.
That’s why I developed my own proprietary coaching program called “Show Up & Be You.”(aka SUBY)

It’s NOT for couples who

  • Feel emotionally or physically unsafe together
  • Have zero trust in the good-will of the other
  • Are engaging in secretive relationships
  • Are planning to exit the relationship
It IS for couples who are:
  • Willing to be open and trust a process that works
  • Coachable
  • Willing to have a growth mindset
  • Willing to invest for lasting change