Five Lessons from a Five Year Old

The sun was shining and the rain drizzled. Five-year old Ella said, “Let’s look for a rainbow, Mimi. I’ve never seen a real one. I’ve seen them in picture books but I’ve never seen a real one. But it’s raining now and the sun is shining. Let’s look for one.”

Paying careful attention to my driving, I heard a squeal, “There it is! There’s the rainbow! A real rainbow!” Sure enough I glanced to the left and a huge bright distinct rainbow arched the entire city! There was a lesser bright rainbow above it – a double rainbow! And it stayed around several minutes afterwards – A reminder of God’s love to a little girl and her grandmother.

She saw that the weather conditions were just right. She thought about it. She verbalized it. She was looking for it. She found it. She was intentional. Here are five lessons from a five-year-old girl about receiving God’s gifts.

  1. Become familiar with God’s gifts through reading the Bible
  2. Think about it.
  3. Talk about it.
  4. Be intentional about looking for it.
  5. Be ready to find it.