One Shocking Thing About Accomplishing Goals

One shocking thing about accomplishing goals startled me as I sat in a conference room with 400 of my new best friends. It was Michael Hyatt’s LIVE event in Nashville.

In the midst of a packed seminar of learning new content for Five Days To Your Best Year Ever I heard a totally unconventional statement from the man on stage.

He said, “I rarely meet all my goals.”

Wow! Did he really say that? After all, he’s the guru of one of the most powerful goal-setting programs ever! He lives it. Others testify of their remarkable transformations. He influences multitudes world-wide! I couldn’t believe it.

But that’s the point.

We tend to think all or nothing when it comes to setting goals. . . change that first. Click To Tweet

We adopt a cynical attitude that sounds like this:

  • I never finish New Year’s resolutions, so why bother?
  • I don’t want to have hope and then be disappointed when it doesn’t happen.
  • Goal-setting isn’t for me. I’m not that type of person.
  • It wouldn’t work for us.  We’re too old to change.
Cynicism and all or nothing thinking are destructive thoughts that keep us from growing. Click To Tweet

Michael Hyatt encourages us to get rid of cynical thinking, set goals out of your comfort zone, and aim high. Of course we’ll not accomplish all our goals – especially if we have eight to ten goals that are meaningful and relevant.

If two or three (or more) of those meaningful and relevant goals are met, that’s something to celebrate! We grow in our humanity. Allow that to be momentum for the next level of growth.

Questions to Ponder About Accomplishing Goals

If you could accomplish two or three of your goals, what would they be?

How would your life be different than it is now?

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