3 Ways To Decrease Soul Clutter

I saw it a minute ago. . . How did it just disappear? It’s got to be under all those papers. . . Where’d you put the mail? No, I didn’t read the email you sent a week ago. 

Do these questions sound familiar? If you’re like me, paper and cyber clutter have been consistent problems. They’re more than outward issues. What about the inside issues?

What is clutter?

Clutter is when important items get mixed up with junk. It’s not knowing the difference between the two. It’s distractions like these that keep us from living life effectively. Soul clutter keeps us from growing in our relationships with others, ourselves, and God.

From hoarding emails to hard copy books, it seems clutter can be a daily frustration. Books, motivational speakers, and methods are available to help the scattered brain become organized. It seems no one tells us how to declutter the deeper parts of ourselves. Our souls matter. We are motivated from deep-seated places we’re not aware of. 

We can imagine physical clutter being a tangible reminder of the soul clutter that’s part of our humanity. We have difficulty sorting out what’s junk and what’s important. Here are three ways to help decrease soul clutter.

  • Start the day slowly.

Imagine God saying to you, Wake up, my precious one. I want to show you that I love you. It’ OK to be still and listen to your soul. I’ll meet you there.

  • Create sacred space in your home.

At this season, my sacred space is outdoors on my side deck. Items that stimulate my five senses include: 

    • a cup of hot coffee in a special clay cup
    • a scented candle
    • my bible, prayer book, and journal
      • read or write as the Holy Spirit leads; even if it’s just one verse, or one sentence of writing
      • avoid an attitude of productivity
      • tune into being rather than doing
  • Breathe deeply

Attunement to the physical body helps awareness of the invisible. Our souls can’t be acknowledged other than through the Holy Spirit’s leading.

    • be still. . . if only for five minutes
    • listen
      • for nature sounds if you’re outside
      • for indoor sounds if you’re inside; like the hum of a refrigerator or the ticking of a clock
      • breathe in God’s love for you. . . breathe out distractions. . . breathe in oxygen. . .breathe out body tension. . . breathe in truth of your belovedness to God. . .breathe out negative self talk.

When daily space of openness to God becomes a pattern, the soul clutter decreases. More space for awareness of God, others, and self brings clarity in the chaos of the daily grind. 

Questions to Ponder

  1. How have you managed the clutter in your life?
  2. What techniques have worked for you to have clarity?
  3. What does soul clutter mean to you?