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Blessings Beyond Black Friday

I may have missed some great shopping deals, but I’ve not regretted giving to a multitude of children and their parents and grandparents on the day we know as Black Friday. This gift is a bit unique and fulfilling like no other. Every Black Friday, my husband and I spend time dressing up as Mr. […]

Resolve Conflict Through Curiosity

Part 3 of 11 “10 WAYS TO BE REAL IN SPITE OF CONFLICT” Last week we addressed the healthiness and necessity of how to resolve conflict. As we embrace the reality that conflict is inevitable for growth, we now attend to the 2nd of 10 ways to be real in spite of conflict. BE CURIOUS ABOUT DIFFERENCES […]

Healthy Relationship Conflict

Part 2 of 11 “10 Ways to be Real in Spite of Conflict” Realize that resolving relationship conflict is healthy and necessary for growth. Let’s clarify that. The key word is “resolving conflict” where both parties feel heard, understood, and valued. Resolving relationship conflict does not mean power and control over another. If you’re continually […]