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10 Ways To Be Real In Spite Of Conflict

Most of us really don’t know how to be our real selves through conflict. Some will avoid it, panic at the thought of it, run from it, or pretend it doesn’t exits. Others may thrive on it, confront it, and live by winning it. Here are things that are absolutely necessary for conflict recovery and being real in […]

Five Lessons from a Five Year Old

The sun was shining and the rain drizzled. Five-year old Ella said, “Let’s look for a rainbow, Mimi. I’ve never seen a real one. I’ve seen them in picture books but I’ve never seen a real one. But it’s raining now and the sun is shining. Let’s look for one.” Paying careful attention to my […]

How is our marriage really doing?

Have you taken pride in managing your money well, then later found out a check bounced? Have you balanced the checkbook and then discovered you were spending more on eating out than you realized? Have you believed you were eating well, then were surprised the scales registered 10 pounds more than expected? Have you written […]